PHP Tutorial

What is PHP?

PHP is a hypertext preprocessor (Hypertext Preprocessor), is a powerful language to create dynamic interactive website.

Its syntax is borrowed from C, Java and Perl and is very easy to learn. The main goal of the language is to allow Web developers to quickly write dynamically generated Web pages, such as for the development of message boards, shopping sites, forums, etc., but the function of PHP far more than that. PHP is so easy to use and powerful, so by the majority of Web developers love. Compared to other Web development languages, PHP's market share is also growing. According to statistics, the world has more than 60% of the site background language using PHP.

PHP official website:


LAMP = Linux + Apache + Mysql + Perl / PHP / Python.

PHP operating principle

On the Web server, after the installation of PHP software, from Web services software (such as Apache, IIS, etc.) to provide support for the PHP.

PHP program usually suffix with php. We can write in the php file inside some of the necessary logical process, such as data read, the user login detection. When the user use the browser to access these php files, such as at the URL address, PHP server will process the logic in the php file. Finally, the results will be returned to the browser in HTML format.

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