jQuery Filter


Get the nth element, this method is counting from the 0.$("div").eq(5) means to get the 6th div in this page


Checks whether the current element contains a particular class, and returns true if there is one.


Filter out the set of elements that match the specified expression.This method is used to narrow the range of matches.Multiple expressions can be separated by commas.For example, $("input", ".Names", ": last") indicates that the last input using the Names class selector has been filtered out.


Same as above


Use an expression to check the currently selected set of elements and return true if at least one of the elements matches the given expression.For example, $("div: first [class = 'abc']").parent().is("body")


Converts a set of elements to another array(whether or not an array of elements)

$("Element").slice(start, end)
$("Element").slice(start, end), start(Integer)

The starting position of the subset.The first element is 0.If negative, it can be selected from the tail of the collection.End(Integer):(Optional) Ends the selection of its own position, if not specified, it is the end of itself.


Inverse / NOT

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