Javascript Tutorial

What is JavaScript?

JavaScript is a widely used scripting language for client web pages (browser), such as dynamic functions for HTML pages, such as responding to user actions. JavaScript is an object-oriented (Object) and event-driven (Event Driven) and has the security of the scripting language, in most cases by the Web browser to perform.

JavaScript features

Scripting language

JavaScript is a scripting language that uses small blocks of code to implement programming. Like other scripting languages, JavaScript is an interpreted language that is translated line by line when the browser executes.

Object - based languages

JavaScript is an object-based language and can be thought of as object-oriented, meaning that it can use the objects it has created. As a result, many functions can come from the interaction of the methods of the objects in the scripting environment with the scripts.


To use the preparation of JavaScript is very simple, you do not need to install a specific development environment, only need a simple Notepad to write JavaScript script. It has basic program syntax and language structure and weak data types, which are easy to learn and use.


JavaScript is a security language, it does not allow access to the local hard drive, and can not be stored on the server data, does not allow modification and deletion of the network document, only through the browser for information browsing or dynamic interaction, which is effective To prevent data loss.


JavaScript is dynamic, it can directly respond to user input, without going through the Web service program. Its response to the user's response is to use the event-driven manner. The so-called event-driven, refers to the page in the implementation of a certain action generated by the action, it is called "events" (Event): such as press the mouse, move the window, select the menu can be regarded as events. When the event occurs, it may cause the corresponding JavaScript event response.


JavaScript is executed by the web browser, and has nothing to do with the operating system environment, as long as the browser can run the computer, and support for JavaScript browser can be properly implemented.

JavaScript and Java difference

JavaScript and Java are two completely different languages. Developed by Sun Microsystems, Java is a more complex and powerful language that can be used in a variety of situations.

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