Java Keyword

category keyword Description
access control private private
protected protected
public public
class, method, and variable modifier abstract Declare abstract
class class
extends extended, inherited
final the final value, irrevocable
implements implementation (interface)
interface interface
native local, native method (not Java implementation)
new new, create
static static
strictfp strict, precise
synchronized thread, sync
transient short
volatile Volatile
program control statement break out of the loop
case Define a value for the switch to select
continue continue
default default
do Run
else otherwise
for loop
if if
instanceof instance
return returns
switch Select based on the value
while loop
error handling assert asserts whether the expression is true
catch catch exception
finally There are no exceptions to execute
throw throws an exception object
throws declares an exception that may be thrown
try catch exception
package related import introduces
package package
Basic type boolean boolean
byte Byte
char character
double double precision floating point
float Single Precision Float
int Integer
long long integer
short short form
null empty
variable reference super parent class, superclass
this this class
void no return value
reserved keyword goto is a keyword, but can not use

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