HTML form tag

<form action="" method="get"> </form>
<form action="" method="post"> </form>

An HTML form is a section of a document containing normal content, markup, special elements called controls (checkboxes, radio buttons, menus, etc.), and labels on those controls. Users generally "complete" a form by modifying its controls (entering text, selecting menu items, etc.), before submitting the form to an agent for processing (e.g., to a Web server, to a mail server, etc.)

The GET method is the method used by browser to ask the server to send back a given resource. the data sent to server is passed through the URL parameters.

The POST method is the method used by browser sends the server to ask for a response, the URL is not able to see the contents of form.

The action value of the form is filled in as the page address to which the form submission is sent.


<form action="" method="get"> 
<input name="" type="text" size="22" /> 
<input name="" type="submit" value="Submit" /> 

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