HTML a tag

<a href="url" target="target" title="description">Linked content</a>

Use to redirect from the A page to the B page, which is often seen and used, such as news sites, we see the title feel interested, click the mouse and then enter the page to learn more.


  • href: open the target address (URL), such as href = "".
  • target: Turns on the target mode
    • If a tag does not have this element, the default is to reload the corresponding page in the browser
    • value "_blank": open new window page
    • value "_parent": open the parent page

2. Usage

  • Text Hyperlink
    <a href="">Developer Tutorial</a>
  • Image Hyperlink
    <a href="" target="_blank" title="Developer Tutorial Home page">
      <img src="" />
  • Anchor

    With the page up and down to the specified location

    Often see at the bottom of our page, when click on the "back to top" link will go to the top of the page.

    1. At top of the page body, add a

    <span id="top" name="top"></span>
    2. In the body, add,
    <a href="#top"> back to the top </a>
    This will allow you to click "Back to Top" to quickly navigate to the top of the page.

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